Visiting your local dentist can be a nerve-racking thing. For one, you don’t know what they are going to say about your teeth, and what procedures may lay ahead of you. For instance, if you aren’t taking great care of your teeth, you will most likely need to have a certain dental procedure done to fix the problem before it gets worse.

Of course, dentists aren’t really all that frightening, but the anticipation of what they could say about the health of your teeth is scary. But, don’t be too frightened. Your teeth are very important, and caring for them is necessary for your body’s overall health. Avoiding your dentist is never the answer, especially if you need dental services.

To help relieve some of the anxiety surrounding your dental office visit, we have constructed a step-by-step process to help clarify what you should expect from your first visit.

STEP 1: Request Appointment

The first step is always to contact your local Newark dentist. If you have not yet scheduled an appointment, you may do so by calling our office. One of our kind representatives will be able to speak with you about what services you would like, how we can help, and when you would like your appointment.

STEP 2: Fill Out New Patient Registration

After you schedule your appointment, we encourage you to fill out our new patient forms. By filling out these forms early, you will be able to save yourself time and be able to prepare yourself for your actual appointment. If you don’t fill out the form before the appointment, you should arrive before your appointment to read and sign your needed documents.

STEP 3: Get Directions

If you are unable to get directions on our location page, you may call our office to get more detailed directions. Be sure you give yourself time to not only drive to our dental office safely, but to fill out any of your needed documents. It is best not to rush so give yourself plenty of time before your appointment.


We will see you at your first appointment!