Dental Sealants are usually plastic coatings, used to protect premolars and molars from decay(permanent back teeth). They are usually placed on the rough chewing surface and hence keep bacterias and acids away from teeth.

Fissures in back teeth can be deep, difficult to clean also much narrower in many cases that even a single bristle of your toothbrush. While brushing and flossing daily may be helpful in cleaning your teeth which are vulnerable, but they are not able to clean the grooves of your teeth rigorously which later results in the decay of teeth. Fluoride mouthwashes may also be helpful, complemented with dental sealants can give your precious teeth an additional layer of protection from decaying acids, and bacterias.

Dental sealants are recommended by dental practitioners because of the viable need to protect the teeth against tooth decay and its contributing factors. As soon as the children develop chewing surfaces in their mouth, i.e., somewhere between the ages of six and twelve, dental sealants are recommended by all dental care providers for them. But it should be noted that dental sealants are equally good for adults as well. If you are one of them who has grooves on their teeth or have potential signs of tooth decay, you could use some help of the dental sealants at your trusted clinic in Newark.

  • Dental sealants are applied in a painless and an easy manner. It is a non-invasive procedure, that means that no drilling and no numbing would be required when applying dental sealants.
  • Your dental care provider is first going to clean your teeth surfaces and remove all kinds of plaque and leftover food particles, from all the tiny corners of your mouth. This is done only to the specific areas where dental sealants are to be applied.
  • After this, your teeth shall be isolated. Isolation here means separating the teeth that are going to be worked upon from the saliva. This is done to dry out those specific areas so that the treatment can work properly. At this time around when the teeth are etched and rinsed to dry, they are going to appear chalky.
  • After this, your dental care provider is going to apply the layer of dental sealants onto the surface of your teeth.
  • After some minutes, the special curing light is going to be flashed onto the surface of your newly applied dental sealants, for about half a minute to fix it permanently.
  • In the end, your dental care provider is going to examine the dental sealants and would make sure that they are all right. This occlusion would be checked by them.Book your appointments for getting our trusted team of dental practitioners to give you healthy-looking smiles. Call us- (302) 257-2707. Or visit us- 330 Christiana Medical Center, Newark, DE 19702.