1. The best dentist is a trained professional who not only takes care of teeth and gum related maladies but also informs and educates a patient about how to go about looking after his or her dental health. For example, the best dentist will tell a patient about the necessity of brushing teeth twice each day and for a duration of at least two minutes each time. It is also necessary to use a good quality toothbrush and toothpaste and the correct technique for brushing teeth. Also, it is essential to floss teeth regularly and in a proper manner. Also, one should eat fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamins and minerals so that bones and teeth are adequately looked after.
  2. The best dentist is one who has the necessary educational qualifications for doing his or her job. They are educated in their field and can take measures and decisions which are best for their patients. Also, the best dentist will be a professional who is an expert at his or her job. For instance, they will not go in for tooth extraction if the tooth or teeth can be restored. They will not ask the patient to go in for unnecessary treatments if they can do without them. Dental treatments cost time, effort and money to do. Hence, it is necessary for the patient to undergo expensive treatments all the time.
  3. The best dentist is one who will be able to guide the patient to other specialists in their fields as well. For instance, if a patient requires orthodontic help, he or she will be able to refer him or her to a suitable professional who can take care of the patient in a proper manner. Also, if a patient wishes to better his or her smile, the dentist will be able to guide him or her to a cosmetic dentist who can take care of this issue in a more informed manner (if the dentist himself of herself is not an expert in this arena).
  4. The best dentist will tell the patients the importance of looking after their oral health in a manner so that they come to him or her on a regular basis for check-ups. During the course of check-ups, they will be screened for sure for ailments like oral cancer and gingivitis. This is very necessary so that such maladies are caught in the big stage, and they are not allowed to progress beyond a certain point. As all of us are aware, oral cancer can become life-threatening after a certain stage. Also, diseases like gingivitis can progress into periodontitis and become very troublesome for any given patient. Thus it is best to have yourself screened for such ailments at regular intervals to ensure one’s good health and hygiene. Best dentists are ones who are capable of taking on important procedures like root canal therapy, dental implants, dentures, teeth whitening, teeth extraction et al. kind of procedures.
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