1. Ice Cubes vs. Teeth: Who Wins?

    Crunch! Crunch! Crunch! It’s a sound you hear every day, your coworker loudly munching on ice cubes next to you. Unfortunately for them, they’ve got bad news coming. Not only is a habit of chewing ice usually symptomatic of an underlying problem, but it’s also always horrible and dangerous for…Read More

  2. Get Flossin’

    If your teeth hurt when you floss, READ THIS. We get it. Some people think flossing is painful and no fun — here’s a secret, they’re the people who need floss the most. Not because dentists think, “the more painful, the better!” but because flossing is extremely important to periodontal he…Read More

  3. Doc Holliday — The Anti Walter White

    Holliday wasn’t cooking methamphetamine, but turned to a life of gunfighting spurred by a terminal illness. John Henry Holliday may well be one of the most famous dentists of all time. Unfortunately, he isn’t exactly known for his work in pioneering the study of dental practices. However, he is …Read More