Teeth Whitening

At Christiana Dental Center in Newark, DE, we know that teeth whitening can help create a beautiful smile and boost your self confidence. Professional, in-office teeth whitening is now the most popular cosmetic dental procedure in the world! Unlike over-the-counter whitening, in-office whitening takes place under carefully monitored conditions in a safe, controlled, environment, and can give you immediate results. Benefits of a professional teeth whitening at Christiana Dental Center include:

Professional Strength

The whitening products you can purchase over the counter only contain a small amount of whitening agent, which may help with light stains, but is unlikely to make a difference with severe staining. The whitening products we use at Christiana Dental Center are professional strength only available to dentists, and can penetrate the enamel of your teeth, removing stubborn stains.

Thorough and Even

Products you buy in the store are one-size-fits-all. They may not provide even results, with some teeth looking white, while others still show staining. At Christiana Dental Center in Newark, DE, we will ensure that your whitening is even and all of your teeth look great.

Fast Results

While at-home whitening treatments can take weeks, and still offer uneven and unpredictable results, your in-office whitening at Christiana Dental Center will provide beautiful, professional-looking results right away.

For more information about how you can achieve beautiful, white teeth, call Christiana Dental Center in Newark, DE at (302) 257-2707.

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Our Happy Patients

"The staff here is fantastic- everyone is friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. R himself is straightforward, honest, and does very clean work. I had a large cavity close to my gum line on a premolar, the filling is so clean and well matched, I cannot tell where my tooth ends and the filling begins. To that point, my insurance here was a breeze! Ramona sat with me, detailed all the fillings I needed, and what would and would not be covered so I was well prepared."

Jessica K Jessica K

"Oh My Stars! This office is the BEST!! I was at work in excruciating pain and it was 5:45 pm on a Friday. I called the dentist that did my X-rays and they wouldn't talk to me because they were closed (yet the hours clearly stated 8-5pm). So I got online and searched for a dentist with weekend hours near me. I found Christiana Dental Center and was able to make an appointment for Monday morning and let me tell you, today is Tuesday and after two days with this office as a new patient, I have nothing but great things to say about the office, staff, service, and price! THE BEST THING THAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME THIS YEAR!!!!!! What would have taken me weeks or even months to accomplish, was done in just TWO DAYS, and was WAY CHEAPER than the other dentist that couldn't get me in the office sooner. I have already made my next appointment, not sure if it's to get my teeth together or just to see the staff, either way I can't wait!"

George R. Britt B.

"I love this place.... Everyone here is Awesome... I have been going here for years... they are professional and friendly... They work with you financially... and they have the Best staff... You are their number one priority.... Thank you…"

Vic Gon Vic Gon
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