Sleeping Through Major Procedures

We believe that making patients as comfortable as possible at Christiana Dental Center is an essential part of good dentistry. We take pride in being caring, understanding, and helpful, especially when it comes to the quality of our dental care.

Laughing Gas

Laughing gas, or nitrous oxide, is a safe and effective sedative agent that most dental offices use to help calm and relax patients. By carefully administering this type of gas, our patients are able to rest through their major dental procedures, without feeling any pain.

We use this form of sedation agent to help our patients endure their dental treatments as easy as possible. Christiana Dental Center also provides laughing gas to assist our patients who are extremely anxious or agitated by dental procedures. Our laughing gas agent helps put our patients to sleep and allows them peace while our dentists are hard at work in their mouths.

Laughing gas is a gaseous agent that is combined with oxygen to produce a calming effect for patients. When inhales, you will typically feel a sense of wellbeing and tranquility. And, the moment you are awoken from your deep slumber, you are likely to let out a few giggles — hence the name “laughing gas.”
However, though laughing gas can make patients feel a little loopy at first, you will be able to regain a clear head within minutes.

Sedation Procedures at Christiana Dental Center

If you need a tooth extraction or a root canal, our dental office can help sedate you for your procedure. Don’t fuss around during your procedures with boredom or even dental pain, allow us to professional administer our laughing gas. With the help of our laughing gas, you will fall asleep and in a snap wake up with your procedure completed!

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