If you’ve ever had a traditional crown placed, you know that it’s frequently an unpleasant experience involving multiple dentist visits. The dentist does his best, but ultimately, crowns are a subjective procedure, with a different fit and feel for each patient. Plus, no matter how clear the communication is between you and your dentist, it always seems like the crown never feels like it fits quite right no matter what you try. We know this pain, we’ll all been through it. However, at Christiana Dental Center, we’re happy to announce that, luckily for you, those days of trial and error crown fittings are over!

Our dentist, Dr. Rectenwald, now uses CEREC™ technology to make your crowns, inlays, and onlays right here in the office. Not only are these dental pieces made in-office, but they can also be constructed in as little as an hour.


CEREC™ is a computer-driven milling machine that crafts extremely precise and perfectly fitted crowns for your teeth.

While the convenience and the aesthetics are great, those aren’t the only beneficial feature to CEREC™ restorations. Functionality is just as important, and because these restorations reduce cracking, it means you’re less likely to need a root canal in the future. Not to mention, the custom precision means the crowns bond to your teeth with a high level of strength. This reduces the likelihood of crowns becoming loose or cracking.

We’re proud to be one of the first dental offices to use CEREC™ for tooth restorations. Instead of relying on outdated technology, our office strives to offer our clients the latest in dental technology. We do so, in the hopes to make your dental experience better than ever before. If you are interested in this service or have more questions, please give us a call — we would love to hear from you!