Why Should You Get Dental Implants?

Have you ever looked in the mirror or at a photograph and cringed at your smile? Of course, we all have taken a few bad photos, but if you are consistently unimpressed with your smile, perhaps it is time to do something about it.
Your smile is centric to everything about you. Your smile is how you show enjoyment and how you greet others. Without a stunning smile, you may be giving off the wrong impression to others. But, more importantly, refraining from smiling hinders your own enjoyment of life and how you view yourself. Dental implants are the ideal way to regain a bit of your self-confidence, especially when it comes to how you feel about your teeth.

When Do You Need Implants?

It may take you some time before you realize that dental implants could significantly improve your life. For instance, you will be a great candidate for dental implants if you have gaps in your smile, such as missing teeth. Dental implants are typically more favorable for older patients, such as people with age-related dental issues like periodontitis. Dental implants work to replace lost or missing teeth, to give you a bright and natural-looking smile. With dental implants, you can have one tooth replaced (an implant) or many replaced (a denture or a bridge).

What Are Implants and How Do They Work?

The process for dental implants is pretty simple. Your dentist will surgically screw in the implant into your jawbone. This will ensure that the implant is well-secured. Do not worry about feeling your dentist inserting the implant into your bone. For these types of procedures, you will most likely have some sort of anesthetic so you won’t feel anything that is happening inside of your mouth.
Once the base of your implant is in, your dentist will fasten the dental crown on top of the implant. The crown is designed by your dentist and looks identical to natural teeth. The only difference between your crown and your real teeth is that the crown is compiled of different synthetic materials.

Implant Specialists at Christiana Dental Center

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