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Few dental practices will offer emergency dental services, but at Christiana Dental Center, we understand that not everything can be planned. It can be as simple as losing or chipping a tooth, or experiencing root canal pain. Regardless of the problem or the level of pain, one thing is clear — you need dental services immediately.

Our staff is proud to be part of a dental practice where our customers’ needs come first. We offer emergency services to all, no matter your age. So, if your one-year-old has knocked out one of their teeth or your elderly father is suffering from tooth decay, we can help!

Receiving our emergency dental services is as easy as one phone call! Simply contact us and one of our representatives can set your up with immediate dental services.

We understand that in most cases, an emergency dental visit need means you are in pain. Because of this, our services are swift and easy. The faster you contact us, the quicker you can get the services you need to stop the pain.

Our emergency services are wide-ranging and encompass many of our typical dental procedures, such as tooth extractions and root canal surgeries. If you are interested in any of our emergency procedures, contact our office for a same-day appointment.