If you need to have a crown placed on one of your teeth, don’t worry! This procedure is actually very common. If you are wondering what a crown is, think of it like a mask for an ugly tooth.

A crown is sometimes called “cap” or a “jacket” in the dental community. Crowns are typically utilized in order to restore a broken, heavily filled, or cracked tooth to its original size, shape, and tooth color. This is a practice that is reserved as a cosmetic uses in order to improve the look of your overall smile. For example, if you have had an accident and one of your teeth was damaged, crowns are a great way to resolve the situation and fix the tooth. It is important to remember, however, that the crown is not your real tooth. Instead, a crown made from a hard material that is then attached to your tooth with dental adhesive. So, it is important the remember that you must take care of your crown. And if your crown is damaged in any way, you need to contact your local dentist.

Crowns can be a cosmetic procedure, however, some dental procedures require crowns as well. For instance, root canal therapy will sometimes need to be completed by inputting a crown to a fixed tooth. After the root canal procedure is completed, such as taking out the decayed pieces of tissue, the tooth can be too fragile to be left alone. In most cases, the tooth needs to be reinforced in order to keep it from fracturing. Because of this, a crown can strengthen and protect the remaining tooth structure and improve the appearance of your tooth. With the advances in technology, we now have the ability to build these crowns with no metal present at all. Instead we can make them from materials like porcelain, which are colored to look like natural teeth.


  • To strengthen a damaged tooth.
  • To protect a tooth that has had a recent root canal treatment.
  • For purely cosmetic reasons.

Call us today to learn more about dental crowns. If you are unsure if you need one, come in for a consultation or a complete check up.