Sugary Drinks to Look Out for During New Year’s Eve

New Year’s is upon us! Only a few short days are left until we can all countdown and see 2018 fade into the distance. But, before we can carry on with a new year, we should celebrate a little, right? After all, if you have the ability to see the ball drop on New Year’s Eve that means you made it through another year! Though this last year may have seen its trials, you made it through in one piece. Which means, it is time to have a toast. But wait! Before you guzzle down your “one” drink for the holidays, you need to know what your holiday beverages could do to your teeth!

In this blog, will be going over the drinks you should look out for during new years. These drinks are notoriously sugary and can cause damage to your teeth. By watching out for sugar-rich beverages, you could have your teeth and a nasty hangover.


This tricky little beverage may be yummy to the taste, but terrible for your teeth! Mojitos can be a crowd favorite because they are sweet, refreshing, and light. But don’t let this all fool you, mojitos are actually full of sugar. That’s right, just one has over 23.47 grams of sugar. That is almost your entire days’ worth of sugar in just one drink — yikes! This New Years party, instead of reaching for a mojito, try reaching for something else. That much sugar isn’t good for your teeth or your waistline. Not to mention, that much sugar will almost surely give you a sugar high and a terrible sugar-crash afterward. To stay alert all night, try to ask for something with less sugar in it.


Sangria is a fun and festive drink because it incorporates many different colors and flavors. It is natural to want such a fun drink during a celebratory time, but trust us, we are doing you a favor by breaking the façade. Sangria has almost 16 grams of sugar per glass — that’s just one glass. If you remember your New Years parties in the past, you will know that you almost never drink just one glass of something. If you are out celebrating, it most likely means you will be out for hours and indulging in beverages and good company. One drink won’t last you one hour, much less until midnight!

Jello Shots

Granted you probably haven’t had a jello shot since you were in college, but sometimes these types of drinks can make their way into a party when you least expect it. Though the colors can be mesmerizing, we wary about slurping one down. For one, jello shots can range from just jello to colored and solidified vodka — you never know the alcohol-to-jello ratio. Second, jello shots have almost six grams of sugar per shot. That means if you are taking down jello shots like it’s Prom Night, you may be loading up your body with too much sugar. Not to mention, when you eat jello shots, not only do you run the risk of staining your teeth a lovely greenish color, but you are also coating your teeth with sugar.


If you’re trying to “class it up” this year, be sure to limit your wine intake. Wine can be delicious and classy, but in limited quantities. Wine, especially dry wines, are very sugary. For instance, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blancs are at least 6 grams of sugar per glass. With this in mind, you may want to opt for wine labels that have less sugar in them. Cheaper wines will typically have way more sugar than expensive wines, as they don’t need to add sugar to make the wine taste better. Also, Rosé or Moscato wines both are filled with sugars as well, so don’t think that the color of the wine has anything to do with sugar content.


Beer still made it on this list, even though there is not too much sugar in each bottle. In fact, beer has only 1 gram of sugar per glass or bottle. However, though the sugar content may be lower than the other drink we have gone over, beer is still destructive to your teeth. Darker beers are more flavorful, yet can do awful things to your teeth. For one, the dark color of the beer can stain your teeth and give your pearly whites a brownish tint. Second, because beer is so heavily carbonated, this makes the beverage acidic as well. This acid is harmful to the teeth because it can promote corrosion and dental acid in your mouth. Because of all these factors, if you are choosing to drink beer this New Year’s, perhaps choosing a lighter beer would be best.

Delicious Alternatives For New Year’s Eve

If you are curious about your beverage alternatives, you have a lot to choose from. Just because a certain drink is made with traditional ingredients, doesn’t mean it cannot be changed. For instance, mojitos can be made with stevia instead of real sugar to lower the amount of sugar in each glass. And, you can always opt for other distilled drinks that have less sugar in them. For instance, rum, vodka, and gin as all distilled beverages that have no sugar per serving. These “hard liquors” can be mixed in with sodas and syrups to make them taste better, or you can choose diet options as well.

Christiana Dental Center

Christiana Dental Center is devoted to the health of your teeth, which is why we have offered this helpful guide. Before you celebrate this New Years, be sure to limit your sugar intake. This philosophy will not only make you healthier, but protect your teeth and the enamel as well. Once gone, the enamel cannot be replaced, so taking care of your teeth whatever way you can is best.

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