There are times during parenthood where you may wish you knew all the right answers and could do everything perfectly the first time. Unfortunately, there is no “universal handbook” for parents that could go home with every baby. When push comes to shove, the truth is that every mother and father will raise their children differently; sometimes even needing different tactics for their different children within the same family. It’s universally acknowledged that a parent will do anything for their child to be happy and healthy.

That being said, your baby growing teeth is a painful process for everyone involved. Your crawler’s gums are raw, sensitive, irritated, and uncomfortable, but the only way they can tell you is through a loud shrill cry. This sound is so painful and searing, that it invokes a feeling of panic in adults that only worsens as the sound continues. How do you help your baby be comfortable through this terrible growing pain? Luckily, your local Christiana Dental Center has the answers. We’ve compiled some tried and true methods for mitigating your child’s tooth pain.

Look in the fridge

super cold, baby-safe, fruits and vegetables can help immensely. We suggest carrots, celery, and cucumber slices. All of which are safe for your little one to eat. The cold paired with the texture of these vegetables will numb the area while decreasing the swelling and throbbing pain. If you’d like, frozen waffles can also help and are easy for tiny hands to hold onto.

Find household items

chilled metal spoons as well as frozen pacifiers work well and provide the same relief. Some people suggest putting a damp washcloth in zip-lock plastic and freezing it. Another option is to wet part of the washcloth with super cold water and rub it along your baby’s gums.

Apply pressure

along that same vein, it’s perfectly safe to massage your baby’s gums after washing your hands thoroughly. Simply rub your fingertips over their gums in fluid or circular motions while constantly applying a light amount of pressure. Letting your little one gum on store-bought teething biscuits and hard teething toys will also create pressure, relieving aching.

Give extra snuggles

we’re not kidding! Chances are, cutting teeth will be your baby’s first real experience of a pain that can’t be instantly remedied, not even by Mom and Dad. It’s a hard lesson to learn, especially for someone so little. That means some extra clingy days are ahead. Strap on a baby sling and hold them close while you continue your day. Sometimes there are pains so severe, only a hug from Mom or Dad could help, no matter how old you are.

Did none of these work as well as you’d hope? Trust your instincts, you’ll know if your baby needs more help. Before giving your child any medicine, we suggest you see a doctor to talk about the safest medicinal options for mini human beings. After those teeth start to grow in, schedule an appointment at Christiana Dental Center in Newark, DE for all your pediatric dentistry needs.