1. Famous Celebrity Smiles

    We love our celebrities, especially the ones with beautiful, sparkling teeth. In today’s blog we’re going to talk about our favorite pearly whites from recent history! Maybe some of these names are the first that come to mind for you and if not, we definitely suggest looking up some pictures. Th…Read More

  2. Tried and True Ways to Soothe Your Teething Baby

    There are times during parenthood where you may wish you knew all the right answers and could do everything perfectly the first time. Unfortunately, there is no “universal handbook” for parents that could go home with every baby. When push comes to shove, the truth is that every mother and fathe…Read More

  3. When Do Dental Items Go Bad?

    ”When Should I Change Out My Dental Items?” ”When should I change out my dental items?” This question isn’t thought about nearly enough. In dentistry, most professionals are just excited when their clients actually use proper dental hygiene practices, such as brushing and flossing regularl…Read More

  4. Drinks to Watch Out for on New Year’s

    Sugary Drinks to Look Out for During New Year’s Eve New Year’s is upon us! Only a few short days are left until we can all countdown and see 2018 fade into the distance. But, before we can carry on with a new year, we should celebrate a little, right? After all, if you have the ability to see th…Read More

  5. Dental Sealant FAQs in Newark

    Tooth damage caused by decay is a common dental problem affecting people in different age groups. If it is left untreated, it can cause severe damage to one’s overall dental health. Because of this, a restorative treatment is developed to restore teeth structure, function and prevent the damage fr…Read More

  6. Four Signs You Have the Best Dentist for Oral Health, Newark

    The best dentist is a trained professional who not only takes care of teeth and gum related maladies but also informs and educates a patient about how to go about looking after his or her dental health. For example, the best dentist will tell a patient about the necessity of brushing teeth twice eac…Read More

  7. Five Reasons Why You Should Not Skip a Dental Cleaning, Newark

    Dental cleaning is necessary. This is one hard fact of life. If dental cleaning is not done on a regular basis, it can lead to accumulation of food particles in between teeth. This will lead to bacterial growth and this material can harden to form plaque. After plaque formation, the teeth start beco…Read More

  8. Pros and Cons of Dental Sealants, Newark

    The teeth in the back of the mouth of a person, the molars and premolars, are the toughest for a person to keep them clean. The step is hard enough for an adult, imagine how difficult it would be for a child. The molars and the premolars are essential for the chewing and eating process of a person. …Read More

  9. Ten Signs You Have the Best Dentist in Newark

    The best dentist needs to have a certain set of qualities about him or her. First and foremost, they should be able to educate and inform their patients about the necessity of good oral hygiene habits. They should certainly emphasize the importance of brushing teeth twice daily and for at least two …Read More

  10. Why Should You Get Dental Sealants, Newark?

    Dental Sealants are usually plastic coatings, used to protect premolars and molars from decay(permanent back teeth). They are usually placed on the rough chewing surface and hence keep bacterias and acids away from teeth. Fissures in back teeth can be deep, difficult to clean also much narrower in m…Read More