Welcome to the Christiana Dental Center


Christiana Dental Center has been offering quality dental care in the greater Newark, DE area for over 32 years. With our experience, matched with our superb customer care, you know you will be receiving the very best in dental services.

Our dental office handles a large range of dental procedures, all of which we have years of experience performing. From root canals to dental implants, our staff is more than qualified to handle any of your dental needs, whenever you need them.

Unlike other dental offices, we offer a broader, more in-depth form of dental care. For instance, sometimes dental care cannot wait. Say, you have an important function or your teeth begin to hurt. Obviously, waiting for a dentist isn’t an option — you need dental care, and you need it now. Well, Christiana Dental Center understands that dental emergencies can happen at any time, which is why we offer emergency dental care to our customers that need it. With one phone call to our specialty phone line, you can schedule immediate care for your dental needs.

But, we don’t stop at just emergency dental services, we also offer holistic dental services for customers of all ages. Due to this, we can serve anyone from families to elderly patients. Whatever dental need you have, we have a service that can help. For instance, though we primarily complete routine dental services, we also are registered with other orthodontic services as well, such as Invisalign. This service allows you to straighten your teeth, fill dental gaps, and prevent crowding in as little as Invisalign.

We are proud to offer the people of the greater Newark area incredible dental services. In our practice, you can feel relaxed knowing that you are being treated by professionals with years of experience and happy customers. Contact us and schedule your appointment today.